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Chester County Historic Preservation Network is a non-profit organization

The Chester County Historic Preservation Network (CCHPN) is an affiliation of local organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving Chester County's historic resources and landscapes through education, facilitation, and public and private advocacy.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax-deductible.





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April 16 Workshop



The preservation of the historic character of Chester County is a well-appreciated and widely supported effort. For old and new residents alike, the charm and beauty of our historic landscapes and streetscapes is a source of pride. But, the preservation of our resources, above and below ground, is an everyday effort across the county. Of the tens of thousands of historic resources countywide, few are not at risk. Risks, of course, vary from the potential loss of the historic context of a resource, to the loss of a resource’s integrity, and to the loss of the resource itself—demolition being an irrevocable proposition.

The CCHPN works to bring people together and give them the information they need to preserve their neighborhoods and communities of Chester County. Please consider joining the effort.


This website was developed using generous grants from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and the Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau. Your membership dues and our other revenues pay for the ongoing maintenance and hosting of this website. Thank you.


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