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Town Tours and Village Walks 2021

Journeying Toward Freedom- June 17 to August 21


The Chester County Board of Commissioners through the Chester County Planning Commission, the Chester County History Center, the Chester County Historic Preservation Network, and the Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau announce the 27th summer of sharing Chester County's heritage during the annual Town Tours and Village Walks. Join us on this journey toward freedom.

Chester County's founding in the Quaker principles of tolerance and necessary civil disobedience, coupled with the boundary dispute with Maryland and the drawing of the fateful Mason and Dixon Line, established our community as a leader in this country's struggle to end the horrors of slavery. This summer, you are invited to learn about the historic sites in our county where this national struggle has a local voice. We will be offering "Live at 5" virtual programs on Thursday evenings this summer, with limited walking tours. Town Tours will kick-off June 17th at the History Center in West Chester.


Click here to view the tour schedule and register for individual events.



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The mission of CCHPN is to connect local governments, organizations, and individuals in their efforts to protect, preserve, and promote the historic resources and cultural landscapes of Chester County through communication and education.

The CCHPN works to bring people together and give them the information they need to preserve their neighborhoods and communities throughout Chester County. Please consider joining the effort.