CCHPN Municipal Support Areas & Liaisons (MuSA) 2021

1. Suzanne Amrich
2. Ann Bedrick
3. Paul Stephens
4. Jim Buczala
5. John Snook
7. Kathleen Hood
8. Daniel Campbell
9. Tim Caban
10. Karen Marshall
11. Jim Martin
12. Carolyn Roland

At Large:

Dianne Cram
Jim Garrison
Sara Shick
Candice Strawley

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Chester County Livable Landscapes Plan

The centerpiece of Chester County's policy plan, Landscapes, is a map entitled "Livable Landscapes for Chester County". This map depicts the location of designated growth and preservation areas within Chester County.


In recognition of the diversity of our county, the map is divided into a series of landscape types which depict areas of the county based on their distinguishing characteristics. Landscape types include the four original Rural, Suburban, Urban, and Natural landscapes and the introduction of the Agrarian landscape in western Chester County. The map also recognizes areas of the county that include resources of national significance, including Valley Forge National Historic Park, Brandywine Battlefield Landmark, and the Hopewell Big Woods.


The Chester County Commissioners encorage county residents to participate in the implementation of Landscapes3, the county's long-range comprehensive plan adopted on November 29, 2018.  For more information visit the Landscapes3 website.

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The Chester County Historic
Preservation Network
a 501(c)3 Organization


P.O. Box 174
West Chester, PA 19381

Sharon Buczala
Executive Assistant


The mission of CCHPN is to connect local governments, organizations, and individuals in their efforts to protect, preserve, and promote the historic resources and cultural landscapes of Chester County through communication and education.

The CCHPN works to bring people together and give them the information they need to preserve their neighborhoods and communities throughout Chester County. Please consider joining the effort.